Project Gallery

Unique customized heirlooms in the works!!! We’ll keep updating these pages for more recent projects.

Custom Stippling


Elven Dagger - Engraved and etched


1924 Hamilton pocket-watch. Great grandpa got it from his wife because he liked to pheasant hunt until dusk and kept missing dinner.

Great grandson wanted to preserve the story of the pocket-watch. Lightly engraved a pheasant and Art-Deco scrolls to keep the watch close to the same era and preserve the ‘antique’ look.

Then the “Why…” inside the mechanism’s cover, a reminder of great grandma’s message to her husband almost 100 years ago. Family value, priceless.


From drawer “mouse gun” to post-apocalyptic zombie rat killer… Honeycomb and cylinder engraved, 2 tone Cerakote battle-worn job. Cobra throat engraved on the front and back profiles.

Honeycomb pattern on a Sundance Ind. A25

Personalized and customized key-chains. Cerakote, Hydro-dipped, engraving. Visit us on Etsy at

Ruger SR-1911 Valkyrie Predator muzzle brake, Ruger Faux Mother of Pearl grips and Kimber’s 1911 spring tune up kit. Sweet smooth shooter.

Beretta 92A1 9mm - Stainless performance parts, skeletonized hammer, Valkyrie Cobra grips, Beretta laser and logo medallion back on.

Elk Knife 2.jpg