Gunsmith Services start at $65 an hour / pro-rated.


Text $15 per line, 30 characters max. per line

ATF Serialization marking and NFA ID requirements $45 (Name, City, St, Mod. S/N, Cal) - 0.003 inch depth / lettering 1/16 in. high

Logo/design $50 (Non-firearm)

Handgun slide only $85+ (Depending on size and complexity)

Small handgun $100+

Large Handgun $180+

Large Revolvers $250+

aR Lower Rec $85+ Logo, text, designs

Color filling starts at $45


Full size frame $115

Sub-compact $90

detachable grips $40

Undercuts $20+


Handgun slide only $85

frames / AR lower rec. $85

small parts $25

full pistol 0ne tone $150

Full pistol two tone $185 - additional tones $30 each

aR - lower/upper, guard, stock $200 one tone, additional tones $30 each

Bolt rifles - actioned barrels 150 (bolt handle included)

small items $45 - knives, eye frames, cups and tumblers, etc.

Other coatings available Duracoat*, Aluma-Hyde*, Cold bluing, Hydro-Dip*, etc. Please call for more details.

*Trademarks - Cerakote, Duracoat, Aluma-Hyde, Hydro-Dip

Steel Annealing And Etching $30+


Please call for Hydrographic projects.

Key chains and other trinkets – Visit our Etsy shop

The total price for any project varies widely. The minimum or starting price for any project is $15. The key is customization! A customized item is one-of-a-kind and truly priceless. Legacy Will Facilitate The Purchase Of Any Item You Would Like To Customize, including firearms. To learn more, click on our Services link below or visit our project Gallery to see what we can do for you!


Graphite Black slide and partial frame, Coyote Tan and Stippled rest of the frame and grip.